Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My New Love Affair

Dear Annaprashana,

I apologize for this prolonged absence. You are probably wondering what could possibly have come between us in the last couple of years. Life! A whole new life that moves around at toddler pace that rightfully demands my time and energy :) You deserve the truth, I most definitely love her more than I loved you. I'm sure you understand why I have been gone. This post doesn't mean I've returned to write to you everyday, and I'm sure you understand why I can't be making such promises right now. I assure you, I will try to spend more time with you soon. Meanwhile, I found some pictures that belong to you. I missed out on clicking one too many mouth watering dishes that have found their way into our hearts during our break - but this is the best I could do off late. Perhaps, I could just turn you into a food picture blog? Or at least, that could be a good start to visiting you more often? I'll sleep over it :)

Yours food-tastically,

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