Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ganesh Chathurthi - Purnam Kozhakattai and Uppu Kozhakattai

I am a great Ganesha lover like many others and for me celebrations at home pre marriage used to be a different I still try to follow my traditions and make kozhakattais for Ganesh chathurti!

Sweet/Purnam Kozhakattai:


For the stuffing:
fresh grated coconut: 1 cup
grated jaggery: ¾ cup
cardamom powder: a pinch

For the outer shell:
Rice flour: 1½ cups
Coconut oil or any other cooking oil: 2tsp
Salt: a pinch


The stuffing:
Melt the jaggery and strain to remove any impurities. Reheat and make a slightly thick syrup. To test, just remove the spoon with a little syrup from the boiling syrup and drop into a cup of cold water. If the syrup forms a smooth ball, soft to touch, it is ready. Add the coconut gratings to the molten jaggery. Keep stirring until all the water is absorbed and the contents leave the side of the pan. Remove from fire and add cardamom powder.

The rice flour coating:

Heat a pan and add 2 tsp of oil. Add 1½ cups of water and pinch of salt and boil. Meanwhile mix the rice flour in1½cups of water into a smooth batter without lumps. When the water starts boiling add this batter and keep stirring until the rice flour becomes a smooth shiny ball. Remove from fire and cool.

To prepare kozhukkattais:

Knead the rice flour dough well. Take a lime sized portion and form into a cup. Smear little oil on your finger tips to make it easier to handle the dough. Put a smaller size ball of the coconut stuffing inside and close from all sides and pinch the ends together. Repeat till all the dough and stuffing is used up. Steam the kozhukkattais in a steamer or a idli steamer for 15 minutes.

Uppu Kozhakattai:


For stuffing:
Whole Urad Dal: 1 cup
green chillies: 2
dry red chillies : 2-4
curry leaves (chopped)
corriander leaves(chopped)
tempered mustard seeds

For the outer Shell:
Same as above used for Sweet Kozhakattai


Soak the Urad dal for 45 min to 1 hour. Drain the water and grind it along with salt, green and red chillies. Grind it coarsely and add aesofotida. Steam them in idly plates. Let it cool and then with your hand crush them. Add curry leaves, corriander leaves and mustard seeds. Make the outer shell with the rice flour you have prepared already. Fill it with this stuffing and steam them for 15 minutes.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Ganesh Chathurthi with these yummy kozhakattais!!!!

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