Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Veg Puffs

I had planned for my daughter's birthday party over the weekend and deciding the menu when my cousin taught me how to make veg puffs. I was aprehensive at first and was assuming that it would take most of my time, but then they were the easiest to make and definitely a major hit at the party.


1 packet pepperidge farm puff pastry sheet ( you can make 10-12 big puffs with 1 box)

stuffing- You can use any stuffing of your choice. As there were kids for the party I decided to make the stuffing with only onion and potatoes with very less spice.

1 egg diluted with water to brush over the puffs for them to become brown and crispy

pam olive oil spray

foil sheet


Thaw the pastry sheets 30-40 min prior to making the puffs. Use a little all purpose flour and place the pastry sheets and roll them little. Note that if you roll them real thin your puffs will break. Cute them into the desired shape and place a spoonful of filling on one piece and cover and seal with another piece. If they dont stick, use the egg wash to stick them together. Plase the foil sheet on a oven safe tray and spray the oil spray. Place the puffs on the tray and brush it with the egg wash. Pre heat the oven at 400 degrees and place them in for 15 minutes. Amazing shop like puffs are ready in a jiffy.

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  1. Always a hit with kids and elders :) I used to crave for puffs so often, even in India. Now it's so easy, ille?