Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chana Chaat

Another super hit dish from my daughter's birthday party was the chana chaat. The recipe for making chana is already there in . The only variation while making the masala for the chana, I used only tomatoes, jeera seed and red chillies so that the gravy is very mild. This is because the chana and the masala shld be mild in order to get the taste of other additions made into this dish.

Once the chana is made mix in some tamarind chutney and pudina chutney, chopped onions, corriander leaves and grated carrots. Also crush some papdis or puri's of pani puri as they will give a nice a crisy texture to the dish.

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  1. Delish! I made channa masala yesterday as a side for chappati. I made them with the HUNT's canned tomato - it makes such a huge difference. I didn't think I would ever become a fan of canned tomatoes, but they definitely have more flavour than fresh, and the upside is they never spoil! And it's cheaper :D