Friday, August 28, 2009

Stuffed Baby Peppers - Ricotta, Goat cheese with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil, Sweet Peas and Onions

This month, S was taken by bitter surprise when his beloved mentor and our very good friend, should I say American-Godparent, announced his retirement. As is customary at S’s workplace, a food day apart from a formal luncheon party was held in our friend’s honour right after S’s own food-day for his upcoming birthday (Food days are typically those days when there’s tons of free, delicious food – homemade or store-bought ;) – those are the days S goes light to work)

Last year, for S’s food day, I had baked cinnamon chocolate muffins. This year, I decided to make something savoury. A few weeks back, when S and I were surfing the Food Network channel, he happened to like Giada’s Stuffed Baby Peppers while I found the Mozzarella Pillows inviting. So, I decided to make them both, with my own alterations. Italian recipes call for meat most of the times, most of which S and I do not eat – especially the Pancetta and Proscuitto which Giada De Laurentiis uses like Mustard or Cumin to Indian cooking.

I picked two bags of colourful sweet mini peppers from Sam’s Club and labouriously deseeded them. For the stuffing, I eyeballed some low-fat Ricotta cheese – I should say it was perfect, no leftover stuffing whatsoever. I mixed it with a small chunk of Goat cheese seasoned with sundried tomatoes and basil, chopped onions and thawed frozen peas. Then of course, there was Parmesan! I added some crushed red chili flakes, pepper, salt, and Italian seasoning as well.

Though these peppers look spicy, they were absolutely sweet and delicious! I’m not sure if the Pancetta would have made a huge difference to the taste – okay, I don’t know what Pancetta tastes like! This was really good, nonetheless.

Click here for the original recipe.


  1. Don't you bake this??? or this is supposed to be eaten like this itself?

  2. It is baked. They are not supposed to get charred, just slightly wrinkled. All that is exactly the same as in the original recipe, so I didn't mention it explicitly.