Friday, August 28, 2009

Mozzarella Pillows - Pastry dough filled with reduced marinara, cheese, olives and seasonings

Along with the Stuffed Sweet Baby Peppers, I decided to make a modified version of Mozzarella Pillows for S’s food day.

The original recipe from Food Network called for Prosciutto – a cured Italian meat; and store bought pie crusts. I decided to use Pepperidge Farm’s flaky pastry dough sheets and skipped the prosciutto. Instead, I added sliced black olives. Of course, I had to stir in some additional seasoning. Everything else remains the same as the original recipe.

The marinara sauce took a little longer to reduce, since the portions were bigger. Other than preparation time, this is a totally worthy recipe – a different turn from the usual potato-filled pastry puff that we make in India, which by the way, is one of our favourites. I often crave for spicy potato puffs.

Click here for the original recipe.


  1. they look so yumm!!!!! send few over to NJ :(

  2. hehe... it's really easy to make, at least the potato version.