Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tangra Masala – New York

After a hectic week in April, we were done with the move. S and I have now settled into our newer, cozy apartment. Within a week after the move, I visited my cousin big sister at New York, who also writes in this blog. (Yes, that’s when she made and we ate the Doka Dal, Raw Banana Crispies, and several other goodies including the Ribbon Pakoda and Cocktail Samosas with paneer and spinach).

V, A and I had a great time that week, but we did miss S a lot. He couldn’t take a week off work and it wasn’t even a long weekend then. V, A and I went to an Indo-Chinese restaurant on one of those days there – Tangra Masala. It was so much like old times when A and V were newly married and they used to take me out to dinner one a many times in Chennai … we all enjoy Indo-Chinese.

Tangra Masala took us all by surprise – it was totally worth the visit, and I missed S while the Chop Suey arrived at our table. It’s one of his favourites. The menu was pretty huge as our appetites were, and we ordered Mango Lassis, Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup, Chinese Chop Suey, Paneer Manchurian and Tangra Masala Fried Rice. The portions were huge as well – took us by utter surprise. The Paneer Manchurian was accompanied by a rice bowl which none of us could start, leave alone finish. But to be honest, if you have a monster's appetite, you might think otherwise. Considering our combined hunger factor, this was large indeed.

The Hot and Sour Soup was delicious with tofu and vegetables – A found it totally relaxing after a stressful day at work. We emptied our bowls within minutes.

I was skeptical about the Chop Suey after encountering a rather softened version at Chicago, but this was crispy and exactly the way it is served in India. Also, this was the first time I was having lotus shoots - yum.

The Tangra Masala Fried Rice was the restaurant’s special Schezwan Rice of sorts, except with a little bit of Indian spices added. I couldn't tell much of a difference though. We opted for the mild spice version and guess what, Akshara enjoyed it as well!

The Paneer Manchurian was slightly excessively soy flavoured – good nonetheless. That was the only dish left over that we decided to take away.
We surely would have loved to order dessert, but three adults gorging on all that food left us with no room to even think of the highly raved about Rasmalai that the restaurant serves.

Verdict: We enjoyed the food at Tangra, and if I ever get the chance to revisit this restaurant, I’d gladly do so just to try the other dishes in their enormous menu. Price wise - let's ask A, it was his treat ;)


  1. This is place definitely the best Indo chinese I've tasted so far in the US. Plus all those who love the tangra chinese from Kolkata....this is the place to visit. The dishes are fairly priced. Tangra Masala Rocks. The other day we also tried the Veg Momos and Veg Wontons..............those wer awesome too.

  2. Wantons remind me of Cascade - as always. And I agree, it's the best Indo-Chinese I've had so far as well. Considering the big Indian population in Chicago, I'm surprised there isn't anything great out there. But perhaps there is and we haven't gone there yet - maybe in Devon for sure.