Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomato Rice/ Thakkali Sadam

This might be the nth time you would have come accross a blog with tomato rice recipe...........and why not? This is the pride of any South Indian cuisine apart from tamarind rice,lemon rice, coconut rice and so on. The days when you have no energy cooking dal chawal, sambhar, can make this in a jiffy. This is a dish with very few ingredients that will definitely be in store in your pantry.


1 cup rice

2 big ripe tomatoes

1 onion

2 green chillies

1/4" piece ginger

1/4 teaspoon red chilly powder

1/4 teaspoon kitchen king masala

mustard seeds, jeera seeds, curry leaves for tempering

corriander leaves for garnish

salt acc to taste



Pressure cook the rice with 2 cups water. In a pan heat oil and let the mustard seeds, jeera seeds and curry leaves splutter. Add ginger and onions. Saute them and add the chopped tomatoes. Let the tomatoes cook nicely. Add the spices and cook till the raw smell goes away. Add the rice and salt and cook for 5 mintues. Garnish with freshly chopped corriander leaves and serve with raita and chips.


  1. I make it the same way, Kitchen King makes the difference. But I add garlic and ghee roasted cashews and peanuts. I know you guys don't dig garlic a lot but it actually does make the flavour different.

  2. Yes it sure does. But the authetinc one is made without garlic :)

    Yes and roated cashews and peanuts def gives a lot of lfavour and taste to the dish.

  3. Authentic has no ginger also, some variations with roasting and grinding. But in my opinion, there is no one authentic recipe... it differs from household to household, so Telugu, Kannada, and Tamilians make it differently. And obviously one adds garlic and ginger while the other doesn't. Anyways, did you try this with Campari tomatoes? They make a world of a difference.

  4. Kitchen King Masala. Mommee! What is that? It sounds so Lion King, don't know why, and funny too.

  5. Yes indeed its the king of all the masalas. Add it to any dish and it tastes fabulous.

  6. my all time favorite ... tomato rice looks yummy
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