Friday, April 24, 2009

Dhania Thepla/ Corriander Thepla

I am a great fan of Gujrati cuisine and apart from dhoklas, khandvis, kadi ad so on there is yet another fav of mine - "Theplas". This is one amazing version of rotis which can be made for long distance travel as they dont go bad at all. There is lot of spice involved too so you can just have them just like that even without a side dish. Escpecially kids will love it......just roll the theplas and hand it over.............and see the magic happen :)


1 cup atta (I use swad durum wheat atta)

1 tablespoon besan

1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon red chilly powder

2 tablespoons curd/ sour curd

1/2 teaspoon white till/ sesame seeds

3 garlic cloves (finely chopped ) - OPTIONAL

1/2 teaspoon dhania powder

1/2 teaspoon jeera powder

1/2 teaspoon jeera seeds

hing/ aesofotida acc to taste

salt to taste

1/4 teaspoon sugar

freshly chopped corriander leaves ( You can use Methi leaves or even do without adding anything and making just plain theplas)

1 tablespoon oil

Mix all the above mentioned ingredients and make it into a dough. Cover the vessel with a cloth and keep aside for half hour. Divide the dough into egal parts and roll them. Heat them in a tava by putting little oil on both the sides. Let the theplas cool off and then put them in a container with lid or wrap them in a foil.


  1. Hi Ramya, I tried this today for dinner. soopera irundhudhu. thanks for the recipe. I am tagging you.

  2. Hi Sindu, it's great to know that you tried this out. This is my cousin's recipe, she shares this blog with me :) she's a wonderful cook and an expert in North Indian cuisines... Glad you liked her Thepla recipe

  3. Theplas! I've had them before, love them with a little thick curd dip. Is a dhokla recipe coming up? And a baingan ka barta one?

  4. Dhokla recipe is already there in the snacks drop down. Try them out. Baigan Bharta can make them for sure soon!