Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Punjabi Chole

It has been a little while since I posted any recipe here. Unfair on my part but was busy enjoying with family and friends for the past 2 weeks. While spending my week at my friends place, it was fun time cooking for her craving palate. She is pregnant and wanted to have chole but the punjabi style. So here's the recipe for you guys too.


1) Canned Chic Peas or Kabuli Chana soaked overnight

2) 2 Big tomatoes - diced

3) 1 Big Onion - finely chopped

4) 2 tea bags

5) Chole Masala / Garam Masala

6) Jeera seeds and mustard seeds

7) corriander leaves for garnish

8) oil and salt acc to taste


Pressure cook the soaked chic peas if not using the canned ones. Put the tea bags along with the chic peas while you pressure cook in order to get the flavour to the chic peas. In case you are using the canned chic peas, use the tea water while adding water.

Heat the pan with oil. Let the mustard and jeera seeds splutter. Saute the onions and then add the tomatoes. Let the tomatoes cook properly and then add the chole masala/garam masala. Keep 2 tablespoons of boiled chic peas separately and add the rest to the pan. Mash the chic peas and keep separately. Add water to the pan. If you are using tea water then add that too and let it cook by keeping the pan covered. Add salt and the mashed chic peas to the pan. Once it reaches your consistency stop and garnish with freshly chopped corriander leaves.

By following the same proceedure you can make dry chole and also use for chat items.


  1. tea bag? a tetly tea bag? isn't this supposed to be some ancient dish... did they like have tea bags then? i'm just curious. not a cook, but a guy who luuuuves fooooood. so what's with the tea bags?

  2. Yes the teeny tiny tea bag brings a lot of flavour to this dish. Try making once with it and the other without and you will know the diff yourself :)

  3. Traditionally, it's used to bring in colour to the dish, the dark brown. But the tea's flavours do add a bit to the dish. Many road-side chaat-wallahs don't spend on teabags or tea leaves though, they just use tamarind water to bring the colour!

  4. enlightening. hey... do you think you could add tidbits like these too to spice up your blog? maybe not. maybe it's too tedious. : ) bust sure is interesting to know.

  5. Well yeah, we did plan on that at first.... we'll surely work on it Pops

  6. I made Punjabi Chole yesterday the authentic way, you know, roasting and grinding all the masalas till they're almost blackened. I did a half and half of that and Chole masala. It has turned out even more awesome than usually. Fresh masalas rock! Try boiling the chana with elaichi the next time you do it this way.