Monday, March 30, 2009

Cabbage Vada / Cabbage Fritters

Cabbage is one vegetable that makes me go crazy. I like cabbage but cannot have it for like 2 times in a week :) My husband ended up buying 2 this week. He went on saying make kootu or cabbage curry and so on and so forth. But then what else can you make in so that 2 cabbages can be consumed. I ended up making cabbage kootu and cabbage curry with 1 whole cabbage as per A's wish. Then suddenly came up with the idea of cabbage Vada.........I mean atleast people will eat the vadas and the purpose of using cabbage will also be done...

1/2 Cabbage - chopped

1/2 cup chana dal

1/2 cup toor dal

1/4 cup urad dal

2 dry red chillies

1/2 inch ginger



oil for frying

1 onion chopped (optional)


Soak the dals and the dry red chilly in water for 2 hours. Grind the soaked dals with chopped cabbage, aesofotida, ginger and salt. Remember not to drain the water from the dal and grind as cabbage will leave out water. Just in case the mixture becomes little watery try and add some rice flour to it. Add onions to the mixture. Heat oil in a pan. Take a tablespoon measurement of the mixture and flatten it with your hands and deep fry them in the oil. Serve them hot with some chutney or tomato sauce. I ended up serving A these cabbage vada's with lemon rice. He did not even realise that there was cabbage in the Vada :)

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