Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pudina Podi/Ground Mint powder

A is not a big fan of Pudina but he would always end up buying a bunch or two so that I can make for him Pudina podi to eat with rice. Since he was asking me to make it for a long time I ended up making it yesterday. I usually don't like the podi to be too strong with only pudina flavour so I also add corriander leaves and curry leaves. If you wish you can use the same method to make only the Pudina/Corriander/ Curry Powder alone.


1 cup Chanadal
1 cup Urad dal
1cup Coriander seeds
1cup Cumin seeds
3 bundles Pudina leaves
1/2 Bundle Corriander leaves
1 cup curry leaves
Red chillies - To taste
Salt according to taste
Tamarind lemon size
Turmeric powder - 1tsp
Oil - 2tsp


1.Clean and wash Pudina, corriander and curry leaves. Wrap in a cloth and let it dry in shadow (but not in the Sun) for two day. Here in the US i dry it in a kitchen towel separately for 3 days.

2.Fry both dals in 2 spoons of oil separately until they turn in brown

3.Now add coriander seeds and after a while cumin seeds

4.Fry until you get a nice aroma

5.Fry red chilly to make them crisp and remove from flame

6.Also fry tamarind (Don't use paste). Add turmeric and aesofotida powder.

7.Add dried Pudina, corriander and curry leaves and stir till you feel they are kind of crisp

8.Grind to powder, add salt in the end and grind for one more minute

9.Store and eat with rice and ghee


  1. Wow this looks great. When I finish all my existing stock of podis I'm surely going to make this. Don't want to accumulate now since I have too many podis. Have you noticed how strong the Pudina is that we get in India, and here it's not even close to that? I have plain curry-leaf podi too. And amma used to make kothamalli varai podi - never tried Pudina podi, we always make it into a thogayal. I'm sure if you want a spicy mint flavour in your dishes, you can add a pinch of this powder too, right

  2. Also, how much is the final yield? About one measuring cup?

  3. Yes it tastes good too. Yes here we get a small bunch plus they are not very strong. You can add it to any of your dishes and also use as a base while making pudina rice. There is one more way you can use this podi is by adding with thick curd and use as a dip. It really tastes good

  4. Final yield will be 2 cups atleast if you use exact measuring given above. I usually make very little as A likes to have fresh made podis.

  5. Yes so true, it's not strong at all. But the coriander is good. I would love to use it as a powder base while cooking, because it has a longer shelf life than fresh leaves. So perhaps I'll make it and store for cooking purpose... what is the yield for this measurement?

  6. wow, 2 cups is a lot for us. I'll reduce the measure by half then... :D

  7. Yes you can do that. I used 2 tbsp for all the 1 cup measurements. And used 1 bunch of mint with handful of curry leaves and corriander leaves. This gave me 1/2 of the box in the picture.

  8. Great, I will try out this measure then.