Monday, February 2, 2009

Na Na Thai – Restaurant dining after a long time

S and I were in a jubilant mood on Friday. It was 27 days since we heard some terrorizing news on S’s job front and after a stressful and traumatic passing, we finally found a reason to celebrate. We had wanted to eat at this Thai restaurant at our neighbourhood for a long time, but we always ended up going elsewhere. So we decided, Na Na Thai it is.

Na Na translates to ‘variety’ in Thai. That was pretty much what this restaurant offered – but quite frankly, we’ve seen better in Virginia. The menu in one of the Thai restaurants we went to in Virginia read more like a short novel.

The food was alright here at Na Na Thai, not authentically spicy as traditional Thai food would be. Yes, yet another watered-down restaurant that suits the American palate. The restaurant in VA served way better food even if their ambience was bad. I guess S and I enjoyed dinner that night at Na Na Thai because we were happy, and we were eating out after a long time.

He ordered the Chicken Wantons for starters and I opted for the Vegetarian Spring Rolls topped with plum sauce. S loved his starter that he ended up ordering another plate, and with that he didn’t forget to get a pair of chopsticks! I don’t enjoy eating out of chopsticks.

For the main course, I ordered a dish with Basil and Eggplant with Tofu as a meat replacement and this was served with rice, and was supposed to be ‘Thai’ spicy. We expected it to burn our tongues down, but nothing happened. It tasted below mild. S ordered something with Chicken and rice and it didn’t turn out quite the way we wanted it to be either.

We hoped they would serve fried ice cream for dessert, but that wasn’t on the menu. So we settled for one Coconut Ice Cream and one hot Thai Pudding. The pudding looked more like Flan made out of brown sugar and had a very jaggeryish taste… By the time the dessert arrived we wrapped up and got ready, so our camera was packed.

Verdict: It wasn’t the best dinner we have had, but due to circumstances, we thoroughly enjoyed the change. The ambience was amazing, the food was alright, and the service was good. Would we go to Na Na Thai again? Perhaps to try something else on the menu, but we wouldn’t count on it a lot.

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