Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hot Wok – Indo-Chinese, Schaumburg, IL

After a tiring Sunday at the Chicago Auto Show 2009, we decided to eat at any restaurant on the way back home. S and I are always open to trying new restaurants, whatever it may be. Our friends were craving for some Indo-Chinese food at their favourite restaurant near their home. So, we decided that we were going to Hot Wok.

We had had Ven Pongal for breakfast that morning, and lunch was a couple of slices of Pizza at the Auto Show Venue, along with some Pepsi. We were famished by the end of the day, owing to all the drooling, walking around, standing…

When we got to Hot Wok, S was marveled that we had finally hit an Indo-Chinese restaurant. To him, the only thing on the menu that glowed with a halo and stood out blurring out everything else was the Chop Suey. S always loved the Chop Suey (American and Chinese) that was served in Indo-Chinese restaurants in India. Without batting an eyelid, he decided he was going to order the Schezwan Chinese Chop Suey as his main course.

Our friends decided to share a Sweet Corn Chicken Soup – made completely the Indo-Chinese way. We were instantly reminded of Dynasty, a Chinese restaurant in India. Excepting Mainland China, most Chinese restaurants in Chennai are Indo-Chinese. S and I shared the Vegetable Tom Yum Soup. This was nothing like the Tom Yum you get in Cascade. I had to touch up my soup with Chili Vinegar and some Schezwan Sauce.

The main orders were Chicken Singapore Fried Rice, Vegetable Singapore Fried Rice, Chinese Chicken Chop Suey and Kung Pao Paneer! Yes, the last one was my order, and man we all loved it. Nothing except the Chop Suey was a disappointment, and of course, you might want to add the nice waiter’s bad breath. We are used to the crunchy, fried noodles served separately. We usually add the sauce fresh, so there is a crunchy finish. This was soggy! Well, that's the Indo-Chinese that we are used to. I had to help S finish it so he could devour the Kung Pao Paneer and Singapore Fried Rices.

There is a Hot Wok here in Bloomington, but it is a completely Chinese joint. Would I visit Hot Wok Village in Schaumburg again? Yes, just for the Kung Pao Paneer – it was the best!

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