Friday, February 6, 2009

Carrot Cake – Bugs Bunny’s favourite?

The first time I tried a carrot cake was when S brought home some cupcakes from work. They usually have food days at work for employees who are celebrating a birthday, for a farewell, or similar occasions. I have previously baked and sent huge quantities of cinnamon chocolate muffins and some other desserts. But this time, it is for us!

S brought home the carrot cup cakes and that was the moment I fell in love with them. I had always chosen not to order carrot cakes anywhere. I usually imagine a certain dish’s taste just by reading what's in it, and then when I order based on that, it ends up being the most popular dish on the table. But – I failed with the carrot cake. I didn’t quite imagine what it would taste like all that well, so I never tried it all these days.

Finally, when our friends said they would drop by this weekend, I decided this would be the right time to try out a sinfully loaded cake. I usually borrow baking cook books from the library but this time I was left with none. So I decided to follow a recipe from either Use Real Butter, or Joy of Baking, both of whom are amazing bakers. After a lot of contemplation, I chose Joy of Baking’s recipe and you can find it here. Use Real Butter’s is also fantastic, but I found Stephanie’s a lot more explanative for someone like me, who doesn’t bake a lot.

Here’s how my carrot cake turned out! Yay! It’s already half finished… delicious. And yes, I did use the pineapple with syrup (according to Jen's recipe from Use Real Butter)to make my cake moist. And I used Philadelphia's Cheese Cake flavoured cream cheese as a base for the frosting.


  1. They def look yummy. Can't wait to start baking some myself

  2. yeah, more reasons for you to bake with a little one at home :) it tastes so good - should thank Stephanie for the recipe