Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Simple yet tasty Dry Potato Sabzi

All that fat and calories that this vegetable has..........doesn't matter as it tastes the best. Potato has been the all time favourite for all kids always. Most of my recipes have the flavour from the North of India as I have spent my maximum time living there. This Dry Potato Sabzi my Punjabi neighbour aunty made and served with phulkas or nicely butter laden parathas...........yummm!!!

Ingredients: (serves 2)

6 big Potatoes ( Cut into cubes)
1/2 teaspoon Jeera Seeds
1/2 teaspoon Dhania Seeds
2 Dry Red Chillies
turmeric powder
curry leaves
corrainder leaves


Heat a pan and dry roast the Jeera seeds, Dhania seeds and the dry chillies one after the other. Then use a morsel and just grind it by yourself. You should be left with a corase masala.

After cutting the potatoes steam then in a pan or by using the Glad steam ziploc bags. Dont overcook then. Remove them when they r half done and strain the water. Heat a pan and add little oil and add curry leaves. Add the potatoes followed by turmeric powder and salt. Add the masala prepared by you. You can add as much as you want based on your taste.

Cover the pan with a lid to make the potatoes crispy.

Now serve them with Rotis or parathas, poories or even bread!


  1. It looks very yummy. Similar to how I make it, except I will require more chillis and sometimes use Sambar powder for seasoning. A pinch of hing in the end makes it even yummier.

  2. Vidya, potato does not have fat. It has starch and carbs, but no fat. It is definitely good for health. It is bad only if fried not this way... so don't feel guilty! :D

  3. For people who don't microwave for steaming, you can just boil the potatoes in some water with salt and drain when it's half done.

  4. Yeah for me either ways potato seems as fat :P

  5. it's psychological dee, don't worry. we've had potatoes since we were kids and we aren't that bad

  6. Yes it is a misconception that potatoes are loaded withfat. May be pple get tothink like this because of the shape of that veggie:) But it maily has starch(carbohydrate) water and it becomes a bad food item only when it is deep fried and loaded with salt like in chips french fries etc. To half boil the potatoes you can bring the water to boil add salt and then add the potato cubes and when it just starts boiling switch off the stove and leave it for a few min. Then you can drain and use in this receipe