Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Thali Dinner

Last night, we suddenly found ourselves with way too much food. So S and I decided to create a Thali meal. The only missing thing was the beeda and the fried pappads. We had everything including paruppu podi.

We realised that we ate way lesser than usual when we ate out of a Thali. There were a lot of vegetables,lentils and legumes, curd, and a little bit of rice to get in the carbs. Looking at the plate filled us up, and when we sat to eat, we realised it was the best variety meal we ate in a long time.

Our Thali contained a cup of curd, two rotis, a cup of Iyer Aathu Thakkali Rasam, a cup of mushroom masala, some dhal, cabbage and peas curry, and two small scoops of rice. We had never felt that content in a long time. Variety does add spice. Unlike the normal dinner plate with just one cuisine, we had lots! I was promptly reminded of the meals served in Amaravati or Karaikudi. Probably, the next time I try this, it'll be a tharavad style sadya :)

I'll make sure to post recipes of everything on the plate - in due course. Now I'm left to decide what to cook for dinner. Probably capsicum sambar, or spinach pasta? I don't know yet.

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