Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maangai Thokku - one of our favourites

Hello again,
Nice to see the way rums and vidya are building up this blog. I am going to give here one of rumsie's favorite oorugai, namely maangai thokku.

Thayir saadam and mangai thokku can be the best combo at any given day.

Here is the recipe

You will need a good raw mango which will have nice pulp with good tangyness (if its a bit sweet and sour then it may not get cooked well and so thokku may not come out good)

Take the skin off and grate the mango finely

For one cup (regular teacup measurement, which will be approximately 200 to 225 gms) of grated mango,you can use 2teaspoons of salt,

3to 4 teaspoons of plain chilli powder (the powder should be fine),

3to 4 tablespoons of gingelly oil,

Mustard seeds,

Asafoetida powder,

Turmeric powder

In a thick bottomed kadai heat few spoons of oil, and when its hot add the mustard seeds, and when it crakles, add the grated mango and cook well stirring it continously. keep the flame in medium while cooking. If the mango quality is good then it wl become a bit loose with water ozzing out of it and that wll be enough to cook it thoroughly. Add salt and mix well then add the chilli powder perungayam powder turmeric powder and cook on a slow heat. Add few spoons of oil also. When it comes nicely like halwa switch off the stove. You can check for taste and usualy oorugais like thokku will take few hours to set in and so check the taste after some time. If its too sour(if the mango has too much of sourness, ie, 'pulipu') you can just heat few spoons of oil and add some more chilli powder to it and then pour it into the thokku. when its cool transfer it to a container and just add one or two spoons of raw gingelly oil(plain oil without heating it)on top and store.


  1. Aunty! Super post aunty! In one place you wrote 'perungayam' instead of 'asafoetida'. Otherwise very well written, and yes I have tasted your maangai thokku when rums used to bring it to office. Super!

  2. yeah i know but idid it on purpose only, some how writing ''perungayam'' felt good adan. But if pple have difficulty in following tamil words for some ingredients then i wl stick to english:0 and looks like you are following the blogwell.Are you trying your hand at cooking?????

  3. Manni....I made the Manga Thokku yesterday and added the picture to your blog. It has come out well and tastes awesome. Thanks.

  4. aunty i'd love to cook, only if the ingredients are like few and the process is quick. like omlettes. : )

  5. Yaaaaa, I remember once you brought some one dozen sandwiches, made by youuuuuuuu... see, i remember :D