Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Luchi Gughni - Authentic Recipe of West bengal

I still remember those days when I used to spend most of my childhood days at my friends place. She is a bengali but their family had stopped eating onion, garlic and even meat. Her mom used to make those lovely mouth watering Luchi Ghughni...........which is known to us as poori and channa. The best thing I loved about this dish was the flavour and it is a pakka jain food that aunty used to make. So for all those people who love to eat ghughni/channa but dont like the taste of onions..........should try this out.

For Luchis:

Atta - I use the Swad Durum Wheat Flour
salt and oil

For Ghughni:

Vatana (White Peas)
Potato (Optional)
Jeera powder
chilli powder
dhania powder
turmeric powder
garam masala.
bay leaf


Red Chillis - 2 nos
Ginger - 1/4 inch
curry leaves
Cinamon stick


Luchi is to be prepared as anyone would make pooris. There is no difference until and unless you would want Maida Luchis which should be prepared using Maida instead of wheat flour. And when you make the maida luchis you should apply oil instead of atta to roll them.

Boil the channa in the pressure cooker for 5 whistels otherwise they will be totally smashed. Once cooked remove few spoons of the channa and mash it and keep it aside.To Prepare the Masala, grind all the ingredients mentioned above in the mixie.

Heat oil in the Kadai and add 1 teaspoon sugar. Once the sugar turns into light brown color add bay leaf and the ground Masala. Fry them for sometime and then add Jeera powder, chilli powder, dhania powder, turmeric powder and garam masala.

Add the channa and 3 cups of water to it and let it cook.

Add the mashed channa also and add salt according to taste. You can add some more water if you want to. Once it reaches your consistency then add cut corriander leaves.

Serve the hot Ghughni with the lovely Luchis. If you still cannot eat it without onions, cut some and toss it over the Ghughni :)


  1. hey girls u two rock!!!!!!!!!!!! Taking photoes and all:) let me see may be i can add soem receipes and adding photoes and all i dont know .but i can send one of you the receipes and u can try and add it here.enna solreenga? If you need any particular receipe just let me know

  2. Vidya, this looks delicious. I miss your cooking! Subbu has unfortunately not had the chance to eat your dishes yet, but you know he is eager to. Sigh! If only I had a kid at home, maybe I'd be frying poories too. But we are just too conscious about deep frying :(

    So this is not white kabuli channa, this is vatani, I'm sure replacing vatani with channa would not make a difference, would it?

    Mom, you should also post, and with pictures, tht's how it makes the difference. the recipes i am posting were clicked long back... inimelendu edukardu ellam stpe by step pics oda edukanum.

  3. Yes this Vatani and not white chick peas. It does make a lot of diff to the taste da. This Vatani Ghughni that I have made is actually the Ragda that we use for Ragda Patties. You should try making this and eating this with Roti or even toasted bread and you'll know the diff.

    Manni, only if you post pics with the recipe people who dont even know cooking might give it a try and have a track of it. For eg..........namba Umsie and Subs :)

  4. Yeah dee, i have eaten ragda patties. I thought you were going to make the vatani with patties, but this is a nice surprise. I don't have vatani at home. Adaan i never tried it... shall buy a pack when all the confusion sets down. :D

  5. hey vidya do we have to roast those masala items and then grind? or just raw grind them?

  6. Awesome! I've always wanted to know how to make ghughni. I miss it so much. Great blog! awesome work! keep up the good work!

  7. Kewl atleast this is helping everyone. That's our main motive behind this blog.

  8. Heyyy Shobz! Meet my cousin, Vidya :)

  9. m goin to try this rums...looks yummy...shall keep u posted :)

  10. You should Sonu, and I am going to too... hehe, it's my cousin who posted this :) We're teammates