Friday, January 30, 2009

Keerai Masiyal - Tanjavore Specialty

This is another traditional spinach recipe that is made in almost every south indian home(especially the thanjavur brahmins). This is a simple yet tasty and healthy dish.

For this, you will need:
One big bunch of spinach(the variety we usually use for this is mulaikeerai)

One teaspoon jeera

One teaspoon thoor dal,

One teaspoon rice

3 red chillies

One handful of grated coconut

Mustard seeds and urad dal for tadka

Some tips to wash,clean and cook the spinach:
It is always better to wash all the vegetables before we cut them, otherwise all the water soluble nutrients will get washed off and wasted in the water if we wash them after cutting.

For the spinach bunch, first remove the root part from them and carefully sort and take away the weed like things and sometimes grass which can be found in the keerai bunch.

Then immerse the spinach in a bowl of water and nicely rinse it and take the spincah away scooping them out.

If you just pour the water out like we do with other veggies, the minute sand particles may get attached to the leaves itself. So it is always better to scoop out the leafy veggies while cleaning so that the dirt and tiny grains of soil will just stay at the bottom of the bowl.

Change the water and follow the same procedure one more time and make sure that the leaves are clean.

Cut the leaves in to small pieces (cut the stem part also since mostly they will be tender too).

Before cooking, soak the jeera,rice and thoor dal in some water.

Cook the cut keerai in a kadai adding very little water. You dont have to add too much water as the keerais have the tendency to wilt while cooking, add salt as required(one teaspoon wl do for this particular measure) and mash it nicely once cooked using the potato masher or the churner we use for churing out buttermilk.

Grind the soaked dal, rice and jeera along with red chillies and coconut to a smooth paste and add this to the cooked keerai. Add some water and bring it to boil. Keep stirring at this stage or it can stick to the bottom of the pan. Stir and cook well on a low flame for few more minutes.

Switch off the stove and just temper with some mustard and one teaspoon urad dal in just a spoon of oil and add to the keerai masiyal.

In this whole preparation all we use is just that spoonful of oil for tadka, hence this is a very healthy dish and can be consumed by all. For all those who are avoiding coconut this can be prepared with out that as well. Serve with rice, papads, rotis or just eat it plain like Popeye!

Post Edit - Keerai Masiyal made by Rums


  1. My god, I am now craving for this. This will be one of our Spinach Dishes at home this week!

  2. I love Keerai Masiyal and I prepare this way only. Its an awesome dish whoever made this first.....hats off!!!!

  3. Oh yeah, I used to eat it this way for 26 years till I was introduced to Molagootal, now I love them both equally!

  4. I do make with some variations as keerai poricha kootu usingtomato potatoand kabulichanna and at times onions too,(and this can be eaten with rice too), but since thatha patti likes onlythe regular masiyal mostly its masiyal only:);Try it as poricha kootu I willgive the recipe laterYou may enjoy it too

  5. good:0 i used those baby spinach and made this in london too. raja loved it:)

  6. Yes, that's what we always buy. Sometimes the big spinach is more tasty. That's also packaged and salad spinach only. So I vary between the two and fresh spinach.

  7. the spinach can be cooked with split green chilies & a tspn of jeera.garnish with urad dal & 1 or 2 red chillies.healthier version with very little oil.My mother-in-law used to add a few drops of chunambu water,it removes the bitterness & retains the green colour.