Monday, January 19, 2009

A humble beginning

I was coaxed by my darling husband to start a new blog after musingmoments was killed in a fit of fury. That explains why happened. As if that was not enough, he wanted me to go ahead and publish a cookery blog.

Me: "There are a thousand of those in the Internet. How's mine going to make a frigging difference?"
Him: "It sure will, had it not been for those blogs a lot of people wouldn't be cooking today, so you contribute your part!"
Me: "Let's see" ... and I procrastinate for months.
Him: "It's been ages, and you haven't done it yet. Hell, you know, even I would begin cooking if I had your recipes"
Me: "But you do have them in my diary! You know I love jotting them down"
Him: "But what if I lose the diary when you're away in India... this way I have them documented online"

And so I had to listen to X to the power of N number of reasons before arriving at this decision.

I cook with passion. I may not be the best cook in the world, but I'm certainly not bad. And like the contents of every other cookery blog, most of my recipes are hand-me-downs from mommie darling and mommie-in-law darling, excepting a few that are debutantes in our combined households. We love food, enjoy eating out and trying a new dish at home. And my official food taster is my husband!

I was a pretty good food-taster even as a baby, or so mum believes. She often talks about how I'd spit out the temporary Cerelac while visiting India, and choose to open my mouth only to Gerber or Milupa. We grew up on sumptuous yet healthy food and luckily, I found my mother-in-law's cooking the exact same as mum's - except, our threshold for spices are a lot higher than theirs.

I had never imagined that I'd start a cookery blog someday. Up until the time when I began going to college, the moments I spent in the kitchen were when I was making Maggi Noodles or when I was getting a heads up on hogging the best home made food ever. Then it happened overnight. I saw this show on TV where "Menu Rani Chellam", a popular culinary expert in South India, was explaining a Paneer Butter Masala recipe. I had always loved that dish, we ordered that most of the times we went out. And the very thought of dishing it up in our kitchen excited me. I hadn't held a knife before, but I chopped the onions just fine. I hadn't conjured up spices before, but I did fine. Mum had never trusted me in the kitchen before, but she was just fine too - and she bought me a packet of paneer and left the house saying, "I have trust in you, just be careful in the kitchen".

Hours later, when mum returned, she tasted the food and gave me a tight hug and screamed in joy. And that was just the beginning. Soups, noodles, rice dishes, side dishes... the love affair began.

I hadn't documented that first recipe. For years, I never documented my recipes. That's a recent habit I cultivated so my husband could cook referring to them, in the rare event that I wasn't with him. Cooking isn't something you should be scared of. It is a phenomenon that can happen to you, if and when you want it to happen.

Here's to my humble beginning.


  1. Let me the first one to write here dear. I still remember those days when we used to hog on what your mom made and only hear a sigh from her that my daughter know how to cook. But that sudden change in you was for the good. We have had good times cooking together and even times when u cooked and all of us giving you only the menu. All the best for your cookery blog..........definitely its gonna help many folks out there.......

  2. Thank you Vids! You are invited to write with me :) I can add you as a team member, and we can post our recipes together ... think about it. For all of you out there, she's my cousin and a splendid cook too.

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  4. "Subbu" says...hey vidya i second that. That thought of Rums definitely makes sense...i think u should contribute for all the jamshedpur dishes :P

  5. oh sure will do that soon.........

  6. wow i cant believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little girl having a receipe blog of her own!!!!(this is the same girl who used to tell me that i have to look around for some one who wl looklike rahul dravid and can cook too and then she may consider marriage!!!). jokes apart rums you are an excellant cook. Those who have nice taste will def dish out nice receipes too. And yeah i remember that paneer butter masala and the hug!!!:). Not to mention all those french onion soups pastas etc etc. I am especially glad now that she has started concentrating on all healthy cooking and follow that too. Keep it up dear and hey vidya you are a great cook and every body knows that so you two can rock this blog i am sure:).
    All the best dear

  7. Together ma, together, you, vidya and me... And imagine how amazing a recipe coming from you would be, as opposed from me.