Monday, January 26, 2009

Baigun Bhaja ( Roasted Eggplant)

Another dish from West Bengal for all you people out there. This is the simplest and tasty stuff made with eggplant/ Brinjal.


1 Big Eggplant/ Brinjal usually the purple ones
turmeric powder
red chilly powder
Garam Masala


Cut the Brinjal into big and thick circles. Make a cross with your knife in the middle of each brinjal. Use a big container with lid. Put the cut pieces in and add all the masalas. Close the lid and just shake the container so that the masala is evenly spread on each brinjal piece.

Heat the pan with some oil. Usually in Bengal deep fry the bhajas but I rather pan fry with little oil. Place the cut brinjal in the pan and turn it when each side is roasted.

Serve the Baigun Bhaja's with rice and dal tadka.


  1. Wow I should try this. I do something similar with garam and kitchen king and chilli powders. Just that I cut the eggplant differently. :)

  2. hmm looks nice i wl also give this a try. hey as a variation i think we can try the same with vaazhaikai slices,chenai silices too???

  3. Yes I have tastes the same with Vazhakai. The only diff is the texture- Brinjal become nice and soft and easy to eat by mixing with rice. Vazhaka becomes cripy which can be eaten as Kai.

  4. I should try it with this method of cutting brinjal. I do it cutting it the normal lengthwise way...

  5. I love bengali food. Frequent a restaurent near my place. maybe more bong recipes are on the way? And the recipe for dal tadka, even if it is basic?

  6. I tried this out this week, during my diet. And I just had to spray a teeny tiny bit of oil from the cooking spray can - this is so delicious. I immediately bought another eggplant and made it again.

  7. Oh and I made a different version of Dal - with dalchini, moong dal, onion and garlic paste. Too bad I couldn't eat the Baingan with rice and dal :(

  8. Good to hear that. Yes it indeed is yummy. Try it out along with Rice ...that's the best combo. I like to eat it like that itself :)

  9. Yeah dee. I can't have rice till I finish the diet. Rice is allowed only with tomatoes, that too just a cup. So I can't have it with rice till i finish. But I liked it just like that too. I prefer all my veggies just by themselves, you know that. This was my lunch and dinner yesterday :) And for S, dal rice and baingun bhaja :)